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Nothing should take the place of your vet when it comes to care and medical advice. However, given that some vets are not experts on cavy care orsweetie5.jpg (12179 bytes) don't see very many guinea pigs, it is sometimes helpful to confirm information from various sources and to share information learned with your vet. 

You will find much advice offered and sometimes it will be conflicting. Don't believe everything you read! Confirm your information and work with your vet! For a good list of other high-quality guinea pig websites, please visit GuineaPigs.INFO.

Guinea Pig Discussion Forums

Guinea Pig Cages
One of the best all around discussion forums about guinea pigs on the net!

Guinea Pig Home
Adoption and rescue and guinea pig-related products for sale!

Guinea Lynx 
The best, most comprehensive source for accurate information about guinea pig anywhere. If you want a straight, correct answer about anything guinea pig-related, this is the place.


Guinea Pig Books

Be careful about advice in books that are readily available in pet stores, especially those published by T.F.H.  Many of those books are designed to sell pet store products and pet store pigs.

 Internet Sites 
  Be careful about individual home pages, especially the free ones. Anyone can throw up a web page and say anything. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of great sites out there. There are! Just be sure to confirm facts and advice with multiple sources. Try to confirm information in places where multiple people can provide input. We find the forums and lists to be invaluable for cross-checking our information. The two forums we have recommended here will generally not allow poor or incorrect information to be posted unchallenged. 
 Your Vet 

First, make sure you have one, and make sure you have a good one.
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When in doubt, listen to your vet. When in doubt about advice or care questions, check with your vet.


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