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Visit Guinea Pig Cages!

This page was referenced so often, we a created a whole new website devoted entirely to guinea pig cages. Now you will find tons of additional info and photos including pix of all the traditional pet store cages and the special cages you can order online. Look on the Cubes and Coroplast page for an explanation of what they are and where to get the materials. There is a "How To" page and lots of other goodies. In addition, there is a forum devoted entirely to cages and their environment. And you can read testimonials from people all over the world who have made these great cages. We hope you will add one of your own! The old 2 square feet and 4 square feet rules of thumb for cage sizes are dead. Find out about the progressive new standards!

Please go check it out, you won't be sorry!

You can use www.guineapigcages.com or
You can use www.GuineaPigCages.com 

Keep in mind that Cavy Spirit requires one of these cages or something better for adoption, usually a 2 x 4 grid size or larger. At Cavy Spirit, we always have extra supplies needed to make the cages we require. We usually help people make the Coroplast bottom of the cage, and we also have extra boxes of grids available, all at cost--usually only $30 complete for grids and Coroplast.

Cubes & Coroplast

Go see what all the excitement is about on this website! How easy is it to make? We can knock one out in 15 minutes--no tools required!

 Give your piggie a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card! 
Make your piggies a really cool new cage!
 The CAGE is the Most Important Part of Your Guinea Pig's Environment 
Spend a little time, not money, and do it right! Your piggies will be spending the vast majority of their precious lives in the cage you provide for them. Make it good one.

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